Sony PS3 System Success Plan = 10 Years?

"We didn't get into PS3 for the first six months of 2007 - we're into this for the next 10 years and beyond," said Tretton.

"A million units one way or another at this point isn't going to worry us."

Tretton's argument was backed up by IDC analyst Billy Pidgeon, who agreed that Sony is playing a longer game. "The PS3 is ahead of the market, while Xbox 360 and the Wii were designed for immediate market impact," he said. Pidgeon also confirmed that he expects sales of Sony's next-gen console to ramp up in 2008.

However Kyoshi Shin of Japan's International Game Developers Association was less positive, suggesting that many developers are shifting their focus to Nintendo Wii.

"When people talk about the PS3 on chat forums, they say it's like going to a very expensive restaurant and not getting anything to eat," he added.

What I’m wondering is what will Sony do if they no longer have any third party support in three years because they have all moved to Microsoft or Nintendo? Sony has some great first party games but nothing that can keep a system afloat on its own. I find it very difficult to be successful in 10 years when you are seriously struggling to sell systems in the first three. Without a price drop by a $100 or more the PS3 will continue to sell poorly. And to make things worse, I was recently at Sam’s Club buying my sweet new 42” TV when I saw PS3s selling for $650 because they bundled in a second controller.


Source: (gamesindustry)