Gamer Advice: Tiger Woods Wii

I recently watched a review of Tiger Woods Golf on GameFreak, a Spike TV video games show, and they seemed to be pretty harsh on the Wii version of this golfing sim. Their main gripe seemed to be with the graphics, which I can understand, but the issues with the controls seem to be unfounded. The main struggles I was having with this game is that the controller seemed to be picking up even the slightest movements and I was very rarely hitting a straight shot. I played a few rounds of the game and then thought to browse around the options menu to see if there were any other game modes. And much to my excitement there was a controller sensitivity option that allowed much easier shots. So if you too are having issues with the swinging mechanics of Tiger Woods for Wii then try out the Easy setting for your swing sensitivity.

And just a piece of advice for anyone ever struggling with Wii games controls, or any game for that matter, take a gander at the various options in the game to see if there may be another control setting that may suit your preferences better.