The Next Nintendo Portable

The next Nintendo handheld system holds a lot of potential. Considering the incredible success of the current DS Lite I personally don't see the next DS system being announced until 2009, but let's talk about the possibilities anyway. First off let me just say that the system needs to maintain a cartridge-based platform, portable systems should never have loading screens and constantly spinning a disc is a total battery eater. What I would like to see is a single slot that can hold DS games, DS2 games, and SD cards. This would be similar to most SD Card Readers for PCs that allow multiple sizes of SD cards to be inserted into a single slot. I would only like to see this, however, if the DS2 has some form of internal memory. This would allow you to store DS demos for longer periods of time, photos, music, and perhaps even an internal web browser. If there is no internal memory than I would prefer two slots, one strictly designed for SD storage.

Another thing that needs to happen is the system must be more powerful. Now I'm not asking for Xbox 360 graphics here, let's be serious, but I would like to at least have the option for PSP-level graphics or higher. Each screen should be of nicer quality and boast higher resolutions. With better graphics would come the second touch-screen, both of which could detect multiple touches at a time for iPhone-type control. You always see people touching that second screen, why not just make it work.

The last upgrade would be in regards to the online functionality. I think the DS2 should also boast the Channel system that the Wii currently uses but allow it to connect with cellular technology. I would go into more detail but I think IGN's Matt Cassamassina said it quite well. His response below:

I'm reaching for the stars here, I know, but gaming on the go should really be connected gaming on the go -- not just at Wi-Fi spots, but everywhere. With broadband wireless networks emerging even now, there's no reason Nintendo couldn't partner with a Cingular or a Verizon to make this a reality. As an added bonus, such a feature would immediately provide to DS the same Channels-like system enhancing Wii. You could turn on your DS to read the news, check the weather, communicate with friends, and much more, all while driving with your family to your vacation spot of choice.