Official Announcement: Nintendo's Not Perfect

Well it's official, Nintendo is not perfect. Not that I, or probably anyone, has ever thought that but with all the great publicity surrounding Nintendo these days some may be lead to believe such things. Today Entertainmentwise released an official announcement that Nintendo is not perfect. Check out the article right here.

Basically, Nintendo has hired one of the worst actresses, and person for that matter, as their face to represent the new Brain Age 2 game coming to the States in August.

"Most importantly, I’ve quickly found that training my brain is a great way to keep my mind young"
Well why don't you just face-lift your brain, that way you can lie to the world in two ways. Sorry, I should end this bitter rant now before I mention Eyes Wide Shut and vomi......up, too late.


JJGames said...

Is Nicole Kidman well liked in the UK? I didn't know. I watched the commercial and I wasn't too impressed with it or her. I guess the Brits like their blood sausage and Nicole Kidman. We have such different tastes.

TanookiTravis said...

Not really sure. I suppose there are many reasons us American's made the trip across the ocean, but this could be one of the best. I saw that commercial too and she really wasn't all that good, but then again I suppose she isn't there for an Oscar, she's there for the Hollywood name. Poor Keith Urban...