E3 Conference Schedule

Well here it is, the all-important E3 conference schedule. There are many other mini-conferences going on during the next three days but these are the bigger ones.

7/10/07: Times in Mountain Pacific

9:30pm - Microsoft Press Conference


10:00am - Nintendo Press Conference
12:30am - Sony Press Conference
3:00pm - Electronic Arts conference
4:15pm - Activision conference
5:30pm - Midway conference
6:45pm - Konami conference


9:00am - Take-Two conference
10:15am - THQ conference
11:30am - Ubisoft conference
2:00pm - Namco Bandai conference
4:30pm - Disney Interactive conference


chauncey said...

so what, you goin to that or something?

TanookiTravis said...

I have been for the last 4 years but this year I am not going due to the new format they have this year. Now you have to be invited by a specific company rather than be an industry insider.