Power Consumption vs. System Size

Today it was announced that Wired.com has discovered a few interesting facts about the current generation of videogame consoles (that's right, I called them the "current" gen). Wired performed a test using a power consumption tool that detects the amount of power being used by a certain electronic device. The results they found were actually quite staggering. The system with the highest power consumption is the Xbox 360 Elite with 194 watts. In second place with 171 watts is the Playstation 3. And the remaining current gen system, the Wii, only requires 17 watts.

And if the numbers alone aren't enough to demonstrate the massive seperation between these powerhouse systems I thought I would make this simple little graph (above). You may also notice a similarity in the size of the systems versus the amount of power consumed. The Wii is by far the smallest system compared to the similarly sized PS3 and Xbox 360.


mndrix said...

Very interesting. The Wii really is in a league of its own.

Maverick said...