Game Gym Almost Ended Today [UPDATED]

Well today was the day that almost marked the official end of the Game Gym blog. In other words, I almost died. The company that I work for isn't but a few miles away from a small market airport. All day everyday we see planes flying nice and low heading towards and away from the airport. Well today a plane was running low on gas as they came in for a landing. The plane successfully pointed towards our window and cut the engine. It's a good thing they did cut the engine though because if they would have crashed another 1/4 mile West it would have hit me...and I would have certainly died. Check out the article or just see the images below.

UPDATE: Here is another picture that one of my co-workers took with his nice high-res camera phone. And yes, that's me in the picture pointing out the plane crash. You know, in case you didn't see it.


chauncey said...

ah no way bro!! dangz i cant believe that crap. is that fo real? i can't beleive it ya know what im sayin.

TanookiTravis said...

Yeah, it was a pretty hectic ordeal. The whole company went a little crazy. They offered us all free hotdogs for lunch today.

mndrix said...

First, how insensitive that the news article didn't mention your near demise. That's the liberal news media for you.

Second, that guy walking along the sidewalk near the wreckage seems pretty calm. I'd finger him for a terrorist type. Good thing you got him on camera.