Too Many Games Or Too Many Delays?

This holiday season seems pretty cramped when it comes to big game releases but things could have been much worse (i.e. better). In the last few months building up to the November and December holiday rush companies have been delaying games. I am all for a good game, so much so that I am willing to wait for a delay to insure the game will be more fun. But when you look at the list below you will see just how many games have been delayed into next year. Many of these were initially announced early in 2007 and many of them were only unveiled during the various summer conferences, but one things for sure, they have all been delayed until 2008.

Please bear in mind that this is not an all inclusive list. There are certainly a few smaller titles out there that haven't been listed. Also be mindful that some of these games were only recently delayed so there could very easily be more games added to this list in the coming weeks.

List of delayed games (in no particular order):

  1. Grand Theft Auto [PS3, 360]

  2. Super Smash Bros Brawl [Wii]

  3. Army of Two [PS3, 360]

  4. Splinter Cell Conviction [PS3, 360]

  5. Metal Gear Solid 4 [PS3]

  6. Dragon Quest IX [DS]

  7. God of War [PSP]

  8. Mercenaries 2 [PS3, 360]

  9. Mario and Sonic Olympic Games [DS]

  10. Turok [PS3, 360]

  11. Spore (again...for the third year) [PS3, 360, DS, Wii?]

  12. Too Human [360]

  13. Unreal Tournament 3 [PS3, 360]

  14. HOME Service [PS3]

  15. LittleBigPlanet [PS3]

  16. World In Conflict [360]

  17. Endless Ocean

  18. Stuntman: Ignition [PS3, 360]

  19. Juiced: Hot Imports Nights [PS3, 360]

  20. de Blob [Wii]

  21. NitroBike [Wii]

  22. Harvey Birdman [Wii]

And please feel free to inform me of any games I may have missed.


Anonymous said...

what this is really doing is cramping early 2008

JJGames said...

I too welcome the delays. I don't think it will put too many games into early 2008 because that is usually video game wasteland for new releases. Spreading out the releases is great in my opinion. I don't have the money to buy 10 games in November.

TanookiTravis said...

Yeah jjgames, I fully understand the money thing. There's no way I could afford every game I am interested in if I bought them all, even after all of these delays. Not to mention the amount of time it will take to beat all those games.