Nintendo's Best Week Ever

Nintendo announced today they had a very successful Thanksgiving week of sales. How sucessful you ask? The most successful in the history of the company. In the span of time between November 18-24 Nintendo broke company records, and for the company that essentially put gaming on the map, that's saying something.

During this massive week of sales Nintendo managed to sell 653,000 Nintendo DS systems. This is the highest single system sales Nintendo has ever seen in a week's time. The previous holder of this position was the Gameboy Advance which sold close to 600,000 units during the Thanksgiving week in 2005. At the time the Gameboy Advance had a price tag $50 cheaper than the DS.

Now let's not forget the Wii which also saw drastic system sales. Nintendo managed to sell an incredible 350,000 units of the Wii which I am certain was all the units available. I would have to think with the current demand for the Wii it could have hit the 500,000 mark easily had there been that many units on shelves. This also marked the highest single week sales the Nintendo Wii has seen since the initial launch week. And the word on the street is that Nintendo sold around 300,000 units of the Wii last week making the two-week sales of the Wii close to 650,000. If these numbers continue the next two weeks we could see the Wii sell a million systems in a month's time. Wow, that's all I can say.

With Nintendo making money on every system sold, unlike the competition, there is no better way to demonstrate this news but with the following image:

It Prints Money

And if you don't know that's Miyamoto (creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, And Zelda) on the left and Iwata (President of Nintendo) on the right.


mndrix said...

Great article. I love the DS money machine.

JJGames said...

Amazing numbers. The Wii and DS are unstoppable machines. I wonder if the DS will break 2 million in December. I'm sure the Wii could if it had the supply. That is the big question...how many will Nintendo ship?

TanookiTravis said...

In all honesty I don't think the Wii could break the single-month million seller marker because Nintendo has claimed they are only producing 1.8 million Wiis every month. So unless they have been stock piling some consoles for the holiday there is no way they could break that marker in the US. Unless they ship 1 million units to the US and the other .8 million to the rest of the world but I don't see them doing that. There are three other regions that are also clammering for the Wii.

The DS on the other hand, I could see them breaking the 2 million mark for sure.

JDJ said...

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