Smash Bros Brawl Trophy Collecting Options

Just when I was thinking I may have hit a point where I couldn't see myself putting anymore time into Smash Bros Brawl they went out and announced the Coin Launcher mini-game. This game is basically a replacement for the slot machine lottery from Smash past. In previous games Sakurai, the director of Smash Bros, simply had us insert all of our coins from single player events into a slot machine and hope we got new trophies. Now, he wants us to have a little bit more fun when collecting our trophies.

Above you can see the general concept of the mini-game. It has sort of a Missile Command feel to it but rather than protecting a few bases you are only protecting yourself and trying to shoot (with coins) trophies scattered throughout the arena. You control your aiming with the Wiimote twisting and fire with B. After a while you can build a green meter which allows for a faster rate of fire. So prepare yourself for a massive amount of coin loss in a matter of only a few seconds.

This is not the only way you can capture trophies for your collection however. Luckily for us Sakurai is allowing another tactic for building your trophy hoard. While playing through Subspace Emissary, Brawl's single player game, you can gather these neat little Trophy Stands and use them on enemies. These are items just like the Homerun Bat or the Star Flower that you hold in your hand and carry through the levels.

Simply throw the Trophy Stand at a weakened enemy and viola, you now can pick them up and they are added to your collection. This works on minor enemies as well as major bosses in the game. But for trophies that aren't of enemies and characters in the Subspace Emissary you will have to resort to the Coin Launcher mini-game. That is of course unless Sakurai has some more suprises in store for us in the coming months.


JJGames said...

Every time there is an announcement about Smash Brawl I am so amazed at how much is in the game. They are adding so many great features. I really like the turning enemies into trophies idea. That definitely adds some re-playability to those stages.

TanookiTravis said...

I can't wait to play through the Subspace Emissary with a friend (online to top it off) multiple times to collect all those little critters. It's the addictiveness of Pokemon's "gotta catch 'em all" with only a few of them actually being Pokemon trophies.