What Mario Kart Wii Should Be

I thought it would be interesting to post about a Mario Kart Wii game that I would actually buy. I decided to use another game, that we all seem to be thoroughly enjoying, as the cornerstone for how Mario Kart Wii could have been. The game I am comparing Mario Kart to is Super Smash Bros Brawl. I may have simply stolen features from Smash Bros and added them to the Mario Kart series but in all honesty, that's what Nintendo should have done anyway. Adding bikes to a kart game that effectively handle the exact same as the karts is not an upgrade. And since I'm on the subject, baby-ifying existing Mario universe characters is not the same as making new characters.

Let's start off with a big one. Why doesn't Mario Kart for Wii have a simple level editor? I'm talking about both battle mode tracks and racing course here. How awesome would it be to effectly make the game with all new courses, rather than half the courses being rehashes, and allowing us to "download" created versions of past courses. This would be a feature just like Smash Bros in that we could receive levels from other people, or Nintendo themselves, once a week from the Mario Kart Channel. Smash sends levels that only take a single block of memory, why couldn't courses be small file sizes too?

One of the major complaints I always hear about the Mario Kart series is the fact that the rubber band AI is too elastic. Well, a very easy way to fix that issue is to allow you to turn off all items (obviously not in Grand Prix modes). Or even better yet, let me turn off just the triple red shell or single banana peel. And while I'm on that note, allow me to change other options of each race or battle. Why can't I change the gravity on the course allowing for huge jumps and tricks? It would allow for near flight combat segments. Now try and tell me that wouldn't be a cool option.

And lastly, allow me to save replays of races or battles and let me send them to friends. If you had a great comeback in a race, send the replay to a friend. If you had a classic moment you want frozen in time, send the picture to a friend. And in addition to that, something Smash doesn't allow, let me save these images as jpgs so I can send them to friends that don't have the game. Think about it Nintendo, that's free advertising for one of your best franchises. Or at least it used to be one of your best.


JJ Hendricks said...

I really like the turning on an off specific items option you mentioned. That would be great. I would turn off that stupid spikey shell that just destroys you in first place. I can't count the number of times I have been knocked out of first place by two spikey shells in a row.

TanookiTravis said...

That's exactly what I'm talking about. Imagine a game with only bombs or green shells. It would really force you to aim your shots or toss your bombs ahead of you during games. The main idea though, you have the choice if you want it.