How Things Haven't Changed

Black Friday was a success yet again (considering all things) but it appears certain companies fared better than others. In this time of economic turmoil it appears people would rather snatch up a single $250 purchase the entire family can enjoy (one gift for five) rather than a bunch of individual $250 gifts that only one person can enjoy. In this time of money crunching, people seem to be cutting back and buying up Nintendo Wii systems left and right. Those other more graphically superior systems (read: more expensive) are not fairing quite as well.

But then again, maybe money crunching isn't the reason for all of this. If you have been following the sales of the current generation or happened to walk into a store anytime after December of 2006 (post PS3 launch) then you would probably recognize the images below.

So my question, when does the Wii selling out (and selling millions) stop becoming news?