Conduit 2: Things to Change

After playing through The Conduit extensively I have come to the realization that this game’s sequel needs a few things to change for the game to be “truly awesome” instead of just “very good.” Below are the features The Conduit 2 needs to have:

Single Player

  • Online co-op with at least 2 players, using Wii Speak, through the whole campaign.
  • Make the difficulties more than just harder enemies with better aim and more health. Look to GoldenEye and Perfect Dark to know what I’m talking about. This greatly adds to the replay value of a game because there’s a reason to play the campaign more than once.
  • Let us buy upgrades for weapons (ala Resident Evil 4) so we can customize our arsenal to fit our tastes.
  • Make achievements unlock something gameplay related (i.e. artwork doesn’t count)
    • Example: if you unlock the Shotgun Achievement you should have the option to start any level with the Shotgun and have unlimited ammo.
    • Example: if you unlock the Scarab Achievement (the invisible Space Pirate looking enemy) you should be able to play any level invisible.
  • Also, let me compare/share my Achievements with friends. It would really add to the incentive if others could see what I accomplished.
  • Design the levels in single-player to be more open and less guided. See the Frigate and Library levels in GoldenEye as good examples.
  • Let us destroy parts of environments. I don’t need walls or ceilings I just want to shoot a TV or light bulb and have them show damage.
  • Add a little stealth to the levels. Let me equip a silencer and take out a few enemies before they even know I’m there.
  • Let us transfer our customized control scheme from The Conduit to The Conduit 2 through the save file on the Wii.


  • Make the game more like Guitar Hero World Tour where you are always online (or at least have the option). So if you’re playing single player and a friend wants to join you in co-op or invite you to join their multiplayer match you will be able to.
  • Let me unlock skills with my higher rank.
  • Let us buy upgrades for weapons (ala Resident Evil 4) so we can customize our arsenal to fit our tastes.
  • Allow us to save our custom control configurations to the Wiimote’s internal memory. So when I go to a friend’s house for some split-screen I can just bring my Wiimote rather than configure all my controls again.
  • Let us see who fragged us and where they did it from. See Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to know what I’m talking about.
  • Make grenades more powerful in multiplayer. A direct shot should get you a frag.