We Will Not Get Galaxy This Year in the US

Let me just give this to you straight. Super Mario Galaxy is NOT releasing here in the US before December 31, 2007. I know Miyamoto stated in his Wife-O-Meter speech at GDC that Super Mario Galaxy will release this year but he never made any mention of where it will be released. Let me also remind you that Miyamoto told us that his new Mii Popularity Channel would release in late April; so his statements are in no way something that is set in stone.

Nintendo has also been quoted, Iwata to be more exact, that Metroid is a game targeted more towards the Western market. So here is what will happen: North America will be getting Metroid in August and Smash Bros this fall while Japan will be getting Smash Bros and Galaxy sometime before the end of the year. This way Japan will have a decent sized hit on their hands for the early part of 2008 in Metroid and the US will have a massive sized hit in Galaxy. Let me know if you think I'm wrong, but Nintendo has been anything but trustworthy in the past when it comes to release dates.