Awaiting the Inevitable Xbox 360 Price Drop

Well now I've gotta get a 360. Ever since the launch of the 360 only one of my buddies had one and he was always trying to convince our other friends and I that we need one so we could play online.For the first year none of us but him had one and we were all content only occasionally playing Xbox games using his 360. But ever since the Wii came out the buddy of ours down in Texas was trying to get one but couldn't for the first few month; so he caved in and bought an Xbox. Needless to say we then found a Wii for him the next week here in Colorado so he then had both, but that's a different story all together. So now that two of us had one it lead another buddy of ours to get one too along with Gears of War (go figure). So now the tables have turned quite a bit, everyone has one but me. It appears that I must now get an Xbox 360 and succumb to peer pressure, that is whenever the time comes that I no longer have my roommate's to play. I'm just hoping by then that Microsoft decides to start lowering the price of the system rather than going the Elite route and increasing the price.