Everybody Votes Channel Updates?

Fiddling around with the Everybody Votes Channel last night, which I do at least once a week, and I starting thinking how much better the channel would be if it allowed you to see your friend's scores and rankings. Just the simple option of going down a list of your friends (those of which you have exchanged Wii Codes with) and seeing their current rankings would make the channel all that more exciting. Not really sure if exciting is the correct word to describe the Everybody Votes Channel but you know what I mean. Maybe you could even send a little message to a friend with something along the lines of "you actually would rather take advice from Oprah, Warren Buffet is so much cooler." Or maybe an option that would allow you to make your own survey questions that only your friends could respond to and see their results. Not only would that add another question to vote on but it would really feel like "everybody" was voting; not just you and your second Mii you added just so you don't vote alone. Keith Urban sang it best, "Nobody votes alone." Or maybe it was drinks, I forget.

The best, or could it be worst, part of all this is the fact that Nintendo could very easily add features like this with a simple Wii Update. Now I know Nintendo doesn't like putting out Wii Updates if they can help it (hence the reason the Wii has only had 4 updates since it launched 8 months ago) but an update like this would actually have a purpose. What does "everybody" else think, could this or will this ever happen? What features would you like to see added?