Capucine for the Nintendo Wii

A new game was announced today for the Nintendo Wii named Capucine. The game, developed by Game ID, is categorized as an exploration / adventure game "formulated as a tale and based on shadow and light opposition." There are some more details and screenshots that you can see here and some of them look very promising. I'm sure this won't be anywhere near as dark and gritty as Sadness, being developed by Nibris, was suppose to be but there appear to be a lot of similarities. The game will be very story driven and put the Wiimote to good use.

And for anyone interested, Capucine is a type of flower. The main character actual holds a magic capucine that can alter the environment, so that could lead to some really cool gameplay mechanics. These are the types of games that are just perfectly fit for the Wii and would never have been possible if the Wii weren't so popular. Developers are coming out of the woodworks for games like this, and I love it.