Will Bioshock Actually Be Any Good?

For anyone interested my roommate decided not to keep Shadowrun for the Xbox 360 after the unimpressive reviews of the game. It's kind of a shame considering how pumped he was to get the game ever since our first play-through at E3 last year but sometimes that happens. It actually got us to talking about hype and how this game was all hyped up to be a sweet multiplayer only game and then it turned out to have more issues than fun (or so the reviews said). We also watched a few Bioshock videos last night, the new ones, and we were only mildly impressed with the actual gameplay footage. This game could very well end up being the next great game for the 360, but honestly, I was thinking it would look a little more fluid in the animation department and the aiming looked a little off for some reason. I know it's hard to tell how great the game controls just by watching videos but it does give you a decent idea. So my wonder for Bioshock is how will it turn out. Will this super-hyped game turn into the next Gears of War (exceed the hype) or the next Shadowrun (underwhelming)?