Control Metroid Prime 3 with your DS?

So it's already been proven that the DS can not only be used as a controller for the Wii but with the most recent hands-on impressions of My Word Coach over at IGN the DS is a very fast and accurate controller interface for the Wii. Now imagine this potential controller option for one of the most anticipated games of the year, Metroid Prime 3. For anyone who hasn't played the well conceived Metroid Prime Hunters, the game controls really well. It is by far the best implemented control scheme for FPS games on a portable system (not that they're very common on portables but still). So my thought here is how cool it would be to use the stylus and the DS to control Samus on the Wii. The game would control just like it does on the DS but you would be playing Prime 3. Now obviously it wouldn't be a required control scheme, that would just be stupid, but the thought that it could be possible could be a neat way to showcase the DS to Wii connectivity. Am I alone here or does anyone else think that would be cool?