Super Smash Bros Wii Update

Smash Bros Site has been updated again and this time there are two things of interest. First of all there is a new battle stage announced located in the great Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine) and a brand new weapon called the Cracker Launcher (no clue where this is from).

The Super Mario Sunshine inspired level is a rotating stage that revolves are various locales from the Isle of Delfino. Depending on the speed of the rotation I think I will like this level but I have never been a huge fan of the levels that force you to concentrate more on staying on the level than fighting other players, but we'll see later this year. The Cracker Launcher is a weapon that shoots fireworks that can be aimed for shorter or longer shots. And with the news from a few days ago from the site that you can now be fully mobile while shooting projectile weapons this could be quite a deadly attack.