New Wii Games Announced!!

According to GoNintendo, Red Steel 2 has officially been announced by Ubisoft. The sword fighting is being completely redone and the aiming, or so I would assume, will also be changed from the original. I still don't understand why everyone hated on the first Red Steel so much. I found the game to be quite a bit of fun, especially for a launch game. I think the main thing was the game had a serious case of the Project Ego (Fable) Syndrom. By that I mean there were a lot of features that sounded great on paper that never really came through, if at all. Still no official announcement on the online multiplayer but I would have to think if it was coming out in 2008 then it would have to have some form of online mode. I just hope they add sword fighting to the multiplayer.

Also today, Nintendo announced that in 2008 they will be using the Wii Ware section of the Wii Shop Channel to allow new VC-type games to be downloaded to the tiny Wii hard drive. This is great news for a few reasons, one, this brings us more games from small development companies trying out new ideas, and two, we will most likely need a hard drive (or full SD card support) to store all the games. Hopefully we will get either a hard drive that attaches to the system without taking up too much space or, even better, just allow us to save everything (and play directly from) an inserted SD card. They are so cheap these days it would be crazy not to allow this feature, but knowing Nintendo, they'll release a $99 hard drive with no SD card support just to make more money.


chauncey said...

ah ya, good stuff man, i like that Project Ego Sindrome. ha ha, that shits dead right man. i remember being so siked up for that game but then it came out and i got all disappointed ya know. man i aint played red steel, but sword fightin would be straight. i might rent that this week cept my blockbuster account is locked all becuz i didnt pay my late fees and lost a couple things.

TanookiTravis said...

I'm not sure why everyone hates on Red Steel. I have actually played a few multiplayer bouts with my brother and a friend and I thought it was a blast. I love the idea that each character has specific goals during the fight (kill Player 2, protect Player 1, stay alive, etc.) that get told to only you through the Wiimote speaker. I think that's an awesome use of the internal Wiimote speaker. In fact, it's easily the best use of that feature so far. Let me know what you think of Red Steel after you play it Chauncey.