Sony Still Ahead of Nintendo in Market Value

Welp, Nintendo has done it again. They have successfully managed to surprise us with some form of crazy news. Just recently, according to this article at Reuters, it has overtaken Matsushita in market value for electronics firms. Coincidentally one of Nintendo's main competitors, Sony, is still atop the list. But the crazy thing is, Nintendo doesn't seem too far behind. Nintendo's current market value is 6.30 trillion yen ($51 billion USD) while Sony currently resides at 6.64 trillion yen ($53 billion USD) in market value. But that's not all folks, the best of all when mentioning this news is when you compare the number, and type, of products each company manufactures. Matsushita and Sony make everything from computers, TVs, audio systems, and portable devices whereas Nintendo only makes gaming devices. That my friends, is the type of news the stock holders love to hear.