Why Do Gamers Care About the Future?

Why is everyone so concerned with the future of the Wii? "What comes next; what is Nintendo gonna do?" I've heard so many people ask me personally, ask on the boards, or wherever what is going to happen to the gaming industry and what's going to happen to the Wii in the long run. I don't see why anyone is concerned, I can't fathom any reason why anyone would even concern themselves with this. The complaint of whether or not the Wiimote will continue to be fun in 4 years is pointless because you can use the Classic controller and the Gamecube controller, so if it gets old companies will just revert back to the old controls.

Another issue I've heard people talk about is the idea that the Wii is gonna kill hardcore gaming. "With all these new casual games coming out for the expanded market and the Wii's popularity I fear that Sony and Microsoft will go the same route and all hardcore gaming will be gone forever." Well look at the current trends in software sales, Gears of War on the 360 is selling like mad, Zelda: Twilight Princess is the best selling game for the Wii (with Red Steel also right there at the top), and the Xbox 360 is the market leader and it doesn't appear to have a single casual game to its name (and no, Viva Pinata doesn't count). And one thing that people seem to forget is the fact that these casual games are "expanding" the market, not altering it. Games like Smash Bros Brawl and Metroid Prime 3 are not casual games, and I guarantee those will sell equal to/better than Big Brain Academy and Wario Ware (or even Mario Party for that matter).

Forget about the future and just enjoy the awesome games that are out right now. The time to start worrying is when 3 of the 3 major companies go out of business and no one steps up to the place, that's when you start to worry.


chauncey said...

i herd that nintendo is going to build a system that combines the wii and the gamecube so you can play all the games in one. it should be pretty tite. the pisses me off when old games dont work no more on the new systems. costs all that money and then gone.

TanookiTravis said...

I think the Wii actually has the ability to play Gamecube games. Maybe I am not understanding because I haven't heard of that new system you are talking about, could be cool though, I guess.