Wireless Electricity Great for Gaming

USA Today has released a pretty cool story today in regards to wireless power distribution. A team at MIT has successfully found a way to power a light bulb from 7 feet away without the use of any wires by using a magnetic field of sorts. The best thing about this news is the fact that in a few years it could be yet another device wireless in your gaming setup. As of right now you must have component/composite/HDMI cables plugged to the TV and the power source of both the TV and your console of choice connected using wires. If this technology were used almost your entire gaming setup could be wireless. And let's be honest, if they can transfer electricity wirelessly you know they can make your cables wireless too.

The best thing though is the fact that these MIT kids are calling this WiTricity. Add another "I" in there and you got yourself a Nintendo branded peripheral.


mndrix said...

Wow! Great find. I've been waiting for wireless electricity for years.

TanookiTravis said...

I can't wait til you can walk in your house and immediately have your phone and DS start charging. I can't even begin to imagine the cancer it will cause but it will all be worth that extra time saved. Come to think of it, all the time it will be saving will essentially be extending your life, so cancer really is no steep price.