E3 Sony Conference

Another decent show from the guys over at Sony. Nothing totally dramatic or surprising but some good games are certainly on the way, LittleBigPlanet for example. Basically Sony upheld the E3 '07 tradition by not really announcing anything new and simply showing better demonstrations of last E3's games. Let's hope this isn't the start to an awful trend.


  • Extensive Home demonstration showing off the features and functions

  • Pets will soon be an available option for your Home location

  • Singstar is shown, is downloads in the background (woot?)

  • LittleBigPlannet looks great and is available in 2008

I would have to rate this conference the same score that I gave Microsoft and Nintendo, 6/10. They all have great games on the way this holiday season, and beyond, but nothing all that exciting in the "new" department.