Super Mario Galaxy: Return of the Suits

We're going to be able to dress Mario up in different suits again just like could in Super Mario 3 (personal favorite game of all time). Each suit, back in the day, gave Mario a unique ability that could be used in various ways. In other words, the suits are very similar to the hats in Supar Mario 64. I am basing this entirely on one of the newer screenshots released during this years E3 but still, look at the picture below and tell me Mario isn't wearing the Bumble Bee Suit. Tell me.

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chauncey said...

supermario 3? dang man, that's yo favorite game? supermario 3? what about goldeneye, halo, okarina of time, gran turismo, ya know what im sayin? theres a LOT thats better than supermario 3.

TanookiTravis said...

Well to be honest, most of those games you mentioned are very good games, but in a different light, none of them would be here without games like Super Mario 3. So if for no other reason you owe it to the game for that.

The real reason it is my favorite game of all time though is because, (a) the game is still awesome today and (b) it was the game that initially got me interested in gaming.

mndrix said...

Mario isn't wearing a Bumble Bee suit. There I told you. It's a lie, but you asked for it.

Another reason Super Mario 3 may be one of the best games of all time is that it translated into real world, non-gaming entertainment. My brothers and I would play for hours making believe that we were wearing special suits just like Mario. A video game that sparked our imaginations and entertained use even when we weren't playing it. I can't recall another game like that.