Facial Training From Nintendo

This is some awesomely crazy news. Just when you thought Nintendo couldn't get any weirder, they surprise us again. Today the company announced they have a new game in the works called Face Training. This game goes perfectly with all the "casual" games they have created since the launch of the Nintendo DS and Wii. Basically you use a newly released camera, inserted into the GBA slot, to practice facial expressions. The constant movement of your facial muscles is suppose to make your skin more elastic and lessen wrinkles.

I can say a few things about this game, 1) the DS's dual screens should be a perfect fit for this game, 2) there is a legitimate chance I will not be buying this game, and 3) this could be one of the weirdest games to ever reach the million-seller mark. I'm just curious how they're going to make the game any fun. And will there be multiplayer?