E3 From The Outside

The greatest 3 days of the year, at least they used to be, are just around the corner: E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo has changed this year, for the worst as far as I'm concerned, so next week won't be quite as exciting as it was in the past. There will be a ton of announcements for new games, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will all attempt to prove the greatness that is their system, and you will have more news in three days then you usually get in three months. So why am I not as excited about this year's E3? Because this year, I'M NOT GOING!!!

The last four years my brother and I have attended the annual gaming convention with great success and happiness. After the first year, we successfully managed to bring a buddy of ours, and the next year we brought another, and this year we would have added a fifth to our group. But this year, they went ahead and changed the rules. Pretty much the way things are going now is only specifically invited media are allowed to go and they must be invited by a particular company. We were in the industry enough when it was more of an open event, but now we are merely viewers from the outside.

But one way or another, there will be huge announcements (my predictions later) and there will be plenty to keep you busy if you're interested in the gaming industry.