Nintendo DS E3 Gems

I was initially quite disappointed with the E3 showing of the Nintendo DS (aside from Zelda of course), but after doing some searching around I have actually found two very impressive looking titles, not to mention Advance Wars DS 2 that was announced secretly. The first of these titles is a game version of the classic Looney Toons cartoon Duck Amuck and the second one I will be discussing tomorrrow.

The basis of the cartoon Duck Amuck was when an artist continued to erase and re-draw Daffy Duck. This new game, from the creators of the new Contra 4 game for the DS, is basically the same concept except you are the artist. You can erase certain parts of Daffy's body and draw new parts for various effects, record new voice-overs with the microphone, and when you close the DS Daffy will continue to talk to you while you press the L and R buttons to control his voice. These are exactly the types of crazy things the DS needs more of, unique uses for the unique device. Now how this will all make for a full game environment is still yet to be seen, but with these ideas could you really go wrong.