Super Mario Strikers Is In The House

It's official, I just got Super Mario Strikers this morning. What's that you ask, that game doesn't come out for another week or so? That's fine, I'm still the "main Nintendo guy" in the eyes of my old EB Games manager so whenever he gets any Wii or DS games shipped to him early, he gives them to me. I will be playing around with the game tonight and I will have some first impressions sometime tomorrow.

I will also supply my friend code tomorrow so if anyone wants to befreind me and play some serious online soccer gaming then let me know your code and we can link up.


JJGames said...

Thanks for letting me play Mario Strikers last night. It was really fun. This isn't a full on review or anything, but I thought the game was very good for multiplayer and online worked without any hitches at all. The controls had a bit of a learning curve to them. After about an hour I wasn't hitting the wrong buttons and could control my shots very well.

Thanks again Tanooki

TanookiTravis said...

Yeah I think the game is all around a great experience. The online portion really is a step in the right direction for Nintendo. I just hope they upgrade the online experience with each game rather than create a great online experience and then never hit that high standard again. Here's looking at you Metroid Prime Hunters.

P.S. I have more in depth impressions on Strikers up on the site right now.