WiiFit To Drop Pounds, Not Price

According to EB Games and Gamestop, or at least the place-holders on their site, WiiFit is going to hold the retail price of $69.99. How do I know this is a place-holder price and not an official one you ask? Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, was quoted in saying the cost is still being evaluated for the Wii Balance Board so it's far too early to really know. He did state, however, he believes it will "cost more than your typical 50 dollar Wii game."

Considering I'm still waiting to be convinced this game is worth a purchase anyway it seems like quite the steep price. I would love to say Nintendo is too smart to have such a high price for a simple casual game but then I remember the full-priced Big Brain Academy and full-priced WiiPlay, both of which were not full-priced experiences (in my opinion). Ok, so WiiPlay came with a Wiimote that costs $40 on it's own, but I already had all the Wiimotes I needed and it still cost $50. If Brain Age and Big Brain were discounted games on the DS, why would basically the exact same game cost full-price for the Wii?

If the game costs the regular $50 price then I will most likely be purchasing the game if for no other reason but for the girlfiend and family to play, but $70 could very easily put me over the top.