Mario Galaxy, Not Quite Super Mario 3 Caliber?

I was in such a giddy little mood after seeing that Bee Mario suit image for Mario Galaxy that I just started speculating about the game and making assumptions. Well I am here to tell you that there are a few things that need to be told about this whole "back to the old days of suits like in Mario 3" business.

The first thing to note is this little quote from an IGN hands-on preview of the game at E3:

After activating a power-up spot, a black and golden mushroom will show up. Touch the mushroom, and you go into Bee Mario mode, where Mario dons a new sleek bee suit, and can now hover for about five seconds.

This is slighly disappointing, and could be different in the final game, because this is potentially different from the Tanooki and Racoon Suits of Mario 3 fame. The reason I say this could be much different is because I have a feeling you can only don the Bee Suit in Honey Bee Galaxy.

The best part about the suits in Super Mario 3 was that all the suits were scattered all over the world for use in pretty much every area. And if there weren't a direct place to find a Hammer Suit, you could always find one in a Mushroom House and don the suit before each level. That was one of the best parts about the suits, they gave the game so much replayabilty.

So does this mean I am no longer excited for the potential of suits in Mario Galaxy? Not in the slightest. I just hope we have the option to take these suits anywhere in the game and use them at any time. I would totally love to fight Bowser (or whoever the final boss ends up being) in a Bee or Boo suit. Is that too much to ask Nintendo?

P.S. Please watch some video of Super Mario Galaxy if you haven't seen any yet. You can check out one of the few right here if you don't feel like Googling it yourself. Just be careful, your head could explode due to massive potential of fun.