Grand Theft Auto Delayed Til Next Year

Oh my goodness, Rockstar Games is simply struggling right now. Today Reuters announced that the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV will not release this year but rather sometime in the second quarter of '08. This is a total disaster considering they have already announced they are no longer releasing Manhunt 2 for any system. So my question to them is what games are they going to release this fall in order to make up for the loss of revenue this year. I seriously doubt a few Wii ports of Table Tennis and Bully are going to ease the pain.

Honestly, I think this is far worse news for PS3 and Sony fans because they don't exactly have that many huge games (Heavenly Sword could be awesome) coming this fall to replace the lack of such a huge title. Xbox 360 on the other hand has Halo 3, a total huge seller that is now in no way being combated by any other game. If only MGS 4 were coming out this year that could help lessen the blow.