Picross Marketing Got Me

Nintendo's (if it was even them who did it) marketing worked on me. I heard tell of a certain new Nintendo DS game that was released this week called Picross. It's a new puzzle game with similarities to Brain Age and Sudoku. A new website was made available this week to coincide with the game's release that allows you to try the game using the Wii Web Browser. Head on over to WiiPicross to play the game yourself on your computer or hit it up on your Wii. One way or another, I fell in love with the demo online and now I am heading to EB Games today to pick up the game for my 24 hours car ride to Canada next week.

The best part about this game though is you can create your own puzzles simply by drawing shapes and designs using the stylus and the game alters the image into a Picross puzzle. So if you ever need a new challenging puzzle you can always close your eyes, draw some lines on the screen (or have a friend do it), and then turn it into a puzzle. This is all done at the awesome Touch Generations price of $19.99.