Metroid Prime 3 to Use Wii Codes for WiiConnect24 Features

I found this over at the Nintendo Forums and I got pretty excited. Apparently Metroid Prime 3 will draw from your Wii Address List and not require separate Friend Codes for the exchange of tokens. Basically the tokens are a way to allow your friends to know how much you have accomplished in Metroid Prime 3 and to what degree. For example, if you kill 50 small enemies in a room you may be rewarded with a red token (small reward) but if you kill the final boss in under 2 minutes on the hardest difficulty you could receive a gold token (high reward). This is sort of an "achievement" system similar to the Xbox 360. The best part, however, is the fact that you don't have to insert more 12 digit numbers for the WiiConnect24 features to work.

If you watch the Gametrailers preview at 4:45 seconds it shows the page for exchanging tokens, after that it shows your friend roster and says "Friends in black currently have a save file for MP3" so does that mean it's looking in your Wii adress book and at your friends data to see if they have saves? I hope so! I don't wanna keep using different FC's for every game." Click here to see the video.