Metroid vs Super Mario vs Smash Bros

In honor of the great (or at least we all hope) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption coming out next week I thought I should do a little research (and I use that term loosely) to see which of Nintendo's big games will sell more this year. With Nintendo claiming this month to be the month of Metroid I figured there would be no better time to compare Metroid Prime 3 to Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros Brawl. According to the popularity of Google searches, Super Mario is a far more important and searched brand. Somewhat unfair though due to the fact that "Super Mario" could easily be connected to a game like Super Paper Mario or New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS.

In the end Metroid is the weakest of the brands and, in all reality, will most likely sell far fewer copies than that of the other two. But who really cares if it sells less than those other behemoths if the game ends up being as fun as it's past games in the series.


mndrix said...

Cool graph. Perhaps searching for "metroid" would have compared better with "super mario" since the old school Metroid games didn't use the word "Prime" (that I recall).

TanookiTravis said...

Yeah after the fact I was thinking that same thing. And most of the newer Metroid games have all had the Prime name tagged on but with the success of the Virtual Console the old Metroids have been getting quite the attention. So yeah, I should have just done "Metroid."

JJGames said...

Interesting article. I did the same thing but searched for the actual game titles. Super Mario Galaxy Metroid Prime 3 and Super Smash Brawl (I left out the Bros. because it could be brothers or bros plus it would make it four words).

Brawl is much more popular than the other two. And surprisingly Metroid is very close to Galaxy.

Fun idea Tanooki

TanookiTravis said...

Yeah, in hind site I think I could have done this in a much different way. But as long as it spurred conversation that's all that matters.