Super Mario Strikers Wii Final Impressions [Update 1]

My Super Mario Strikers battles continue and the further I get along with the game the more little issues I have found with the game. One's not really an issue so much as a personal preference, the other though, is most certainly an issue.

The first issue is the fact that I was in 6th place in the nation with my online ranking at the end of last week and now the season is over. I went online last night and discovered I was now ranked in 594th place with no wins or losses and no record of the previous week. This little fault, to me at least, seems a little dissapointing. So you can play a ton of games one week to gain some ground in the rankings, but you can't play the game slowly and gradually garner rankings. Maybe there is a constant comparison with your friends (no one has accepted my friend code requests yet) but as of right now it appears everything is erased at the end of each seven day season. Bummer.

The other issue is in regards to the single player experience. I will sum this up in as quick a way as possible: the Mega Strike has no effect in later levels of the cups. Even if you get a charged Mega Strike with six shots and a perfect orange finish and he will block all six shots. Sometimes though, you will get a three shot Mega Strike with a grey charge and you will score all three. There is no consistency or reward for obtaining the far more difficult orange Mega Strikes. It would be one thing to make them harder to get by increasing the difficulty of the AI but making them entirely obsolete is just wrong.

All in all though, this game is very addictive and a ton of fun, especially if you play through the online and cups with a friend. Enjoy Nintendo sports games? Then buy this game. Not sure if you like Nintendo sports games? This could be the one that hooks you; try it.

[Update:] I forgot to inform you guys what my Mario Strikers Friend Code is. Just post a comment with your Friend Code if you want to exchange.

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See you on the field... suckas!!!