Super Mario Strikers Challenge

It's time to test your gaming skill. Here at the Game Gym we like to keep you on your toes and give you various feats of strength to test your gaming ability. This week's challenge has to do with the newly released Super Mario Strikers for the Nintendo Wii. Your goal, and we like pictures for proof, is to win the Fire Cup (first cup option) on any difficulty in it's entirety without allowing a single goal to be scored on you. The captain you use is up to your discretion, as well as the sidekicks, but the final score for every game had better be ?-0. If you find yourself struggling then feel free to read some of the tips I have dropped below. But for a slightly harder challenge, don't read them.


  • Possession is key, even if it means holding the ball in corners rather than scoring more goals.

  • Slide tackle more often than you hard tackle. This limits the number of items and weapons they get.

  • You are better off allowing the captain to charge a Mega Strike (on the Normal difficulty) than you are letting the sidekick charge because they typically don't hit the orange and the sidekicks will knock the goalie out.

  • Diddy Kong is the best character to keep the scores low using his Red Card special attack. Using it wisely can gain you a two-person advantage making time wasting and possession easy.