Grand Theft Auto IV Downloads Cost Microsoft Millions

I was listening to an EGM Podcast a few weeks back and for some reason never thought to mention anything about a blurb I heard while listening. The news that I speak of has to do with the recently delayed Grand Theft Auto IV. The Xbox 360, in case you haven't heard, has some exclusive downloadable missions and whatnot that the PS3 version will not have. This, however, did not come to Microsoft's system without a cost. According to the EGM Podcast obtaining these exclusive extras cost them a hefty $25 million.

I would imagine, despite the fact this seems like a major amount of money, this will come back to them very quickly. I know quite a few people personally who are going to purchase the Xbox version of this game simply because of these extra missions. In all reality, unless you were a single system PS3 owner already, I would find it hard to buy a version of the game that I know will have less gameplay. I wonder how Sony will fight back, or if they will at all.