Wii Modification Ideas 2

Ok, this whole modification thing was just too much fun I had to do some more. Below you will see, in addition to the other blog entry on the same topic, another modification idea of mine for the Wii. Be sure and tell me what you think. Or even better, make some of your own. I will most likely post a few more of these before too long so be sure and make them quick before your idea is stolen by someone else. And feel free to make some PS3 and Xbox 360 modifications too.

This new modification for the day is actually something that you can have on your system by way of a third-party accessory but I thought it would be neat to have one built right in. Basically, it's a television screen right there on the side of the system. Now I know a corner of the screen is cut off by the Wii stand but you get the idea. You may also notice two little red lights above the TV screen. Those lights represent the built-in sensor bar. Obviously they wouldn't really be lit up, since they are IR, but I had to show where they would be somehow.