Wii Modification Ideas

I saw an image of a Nintendo Wii the other day and a crazy little idea hit me. What if Nintendo released a Wii that was black and had red colored lights instead of blue. And hey, while we're at it, why not make some other changes. Let me know what you think of these system modifications.

This bad boy would be the exact same system as the Wii is currently (don't mind the black color) but it would be about 70% the size of the current one. Yeah I know, the Wii is already ridiculously small but this way you could literally fit the thing anywhere. Rather than being about the size of three DVD cases together, this thing would be about the size of three CD cases together. Only issue, it would require the smaller Gamecube sized discs, but I'm sure by now they can fit more memory on those little suckers.

Now here's the crème de la crème. You know how super sweet the DS is because the thing has two screens? Well imagine how cool the Wii would be with two slots. You could use one to listen to CDs while you played a game. You could use the second slot for mass storage onto DVDs. Or you could use the PIP (picture in picture) on your TV to play two games at once. Or even better, sick of playing games out of the left slot? Then use the right slot next time. The possibilities are endless.

Do any of you have any sweet Wii modification ideas or other uses for mine? Let me know.


JJ Hendricks said...

The two slotted Wii is one of the funniest ideas I've heard. Good one. If they could do it it would be pretty cool, especially the picture in picture.

The black Wii with red light looks really good. I might be tempted to buy one.

TanookiTravis said...

The best thing about the two slotted Wii is the name I made for it. I didn't post it in the article, maybe I should. But I would call it the Nintendo DS. This will stand for Nintendo Dual Slot. Cool huh? I bet a system with that name would have to sell well.