Nintendo Spreading Hardware Even Thinner

Ok, this just doesn't make sense to me. News24 announced today that Nintendo will launch the Wii in South Africa starting this October. So....... you are already struggling to meet demand everywhere else in the world why spread your resources even thinner? [/sarcasm] It has been rumored that the company has started giving Japanese systems to North America in order to help meet demand in that region. Why would the company decide to launch the system in a whole new country right before the holiday season? Does Nintendo have a surplus of systems just hiding somewhere waiting for the holidays or are they trying to keep the "sold out everywhere" idea in consumers' heads by limiting hardware allocation?
Can someone please explain this to me; is there another option that I'm missing?


Metaldave said...

Hey man, unfortunatley I won't be able to trade Wii system codes with you yet since I'm going to need to get my Wii replaced soon. I got the dreaded "sparkle effect" after I updated the system with Metroid Prime 3. It didn't ruin my experience with the game at all but it is annoying. Every now and then like in real-time cut scenes you'll see tiny white dots appear in certain areas of the screen and it happens with all my Wii games. All games are still playable but I know its now supposed to look like that. When I get my new Wii soon I'll let you know. Read my review of MP3 and let me know what you think.

TanookiTravis said...

Oh man that sucks. Ever since that whole thing about leaving WiiConnect24 on I have been skeptical to leave my system on all the time, especially during the warmer season we are in now. That's cool though, just let me know.

I will also check out your MP3 review and see what you think of it. I am still only at 20% right now (and maybe 8 hours in) so I have a lot of the game left to go.