Fatal Frame, More Like Pretty Frame

What a deadly combo. In one hand we have the much-loved Fatal Frame series and in the other hand we have Grasshopper Studio. Now take both those hands and smash 'em together. You see all that muck on your hands? Scrape it off and put it in the Tecmo Oven for a few minutes. Take it out and put it onto a pretty little plate and dab some Nintendo Production Salt and Pepper all over it. And there you have the next game in the Fatal Frame series, Fatal Frame 4.

Fatal Frame 4

As you can see from the image above, and the image below for that matter, this game is looking pretty good. And that is to be expected out of Tecmo, the producer of many things gorgeous. Many believe these screens to be taken from a cutscene of sorts, rather than beingk actual gameplay material but either way, I'm pretty excited. With the crazy mind of Suda51 (Killer7 and the recently released Wii-exclusive No More Heroes) some very interesting things could happen with this game. Just imagine using the Wiimote as your flashlight when BAM, zombie/ghost/monster attacks.....and then you take a picture of it.

Fatal Frame 4

And why in the world Nintendo has agreed to produce this game is beyond me. With the failing issues they have had producing any of their other products in the last year, maybe they should step back and let someone else take the reins this time.


JJGames said...

That game has quite the developer and publisher pedigree behind it. I had never played many survival horror until Resident Evil 4. Maybe the 4th game in each series will draw me in.

Also, I can't believe Nintendo would not produce enough of Brawl. That baffles me.

TanookiTravis said...

How could Nintendo delay Brawl a week in Japan and still fail to produce enough games? They certainly screwed that one up.