Sony Ends 80GB Model, Analysts Suck

Well it's official. Analysts are a bunch of idiots. And yes, I mean all analysts. I have never particulary liked analysts, for really any industry, because there are so many of them guessing so many different things that a few of them are bound to be right. And those are the only ones who get recognized. The 95% that failed never get mentioned because that's not interesting. I suppose I have always seen them with this thought in mind: "Those who can't; predict." Or should I say try to predict.

Didn't see that pole did you analyst?
Didn't see that pole there did you analyst? Whoops...

For those of you who may not have seen the rumors, they seem pretty accurate and reasonable to me, about Sony discontinuing their 80GB model of their PS3 then head on over and read the news. With this news I was alerted of another reason I don't tend to read analyst blogs or care in the slightest what they say. According to GameDaily Mike Hickey, an analyst for Janco Partners, said
"Sony is likely dumping the 80GB version because it has failed to meet internal sales projections."

DO YOU THINK???? Could Sony possibly have canned the 80GB version of the system because it was selling too well? That's the only logical reason I could come up with. It's a good thing Janco Partners pays this guy [any money at all] to inform us of the ways of retail.