EA Console Announced by 2012

Do you think a fourth gaming console could enter the market and have all four survive? Many were surprised with the fact that three could survive after the last generation ended. All were profitable last generation and even now, with the start of a new generation, all three companies are making (or starting to make) profits in their gaming divisions. But how would a fourth entry in the gaming industry compete?

If the fourth console was backed by Electronic Arts (EA), that's how.

At first thought it would be easy to think that a fourth console would fail in an already crowded market. Microsoft and Sony are dueling with blades it seems, each trying to one-up the other, while Nintendo is trying to create a new audience. Thrown in the mix of things are third-party companies trying to figure out which of their games will succeed on which systems. EA is one of the only third-party companies large enough to structure an entirely new strategy.

Electronic Arts, the largest third-party developer in the industry, is about to take things into their own hands. No longer will they be forced to decide which existing console to put their games on. No longer will the decisions of their future be made by other companies. In the very near future, EA will have successfully purchased a company by the name of Take-Two (the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series).

In the last few years EA has purchased multiple developers (listed below) putting them in a prime position to call the shots. All they need now is Take-Two.
  • Bioware
  • Pandemic Studios
  • Black Box Games
  • Studio 33
  • Mythic
  • Criterion
  • Maybe Ubisoft

There are some smaller game development and networking companies not in the list above but it's plain to see that just in the last few years alone EA has managed to gather up a hefty sized list of developers. Dare I say EA has enough development power to sustain an entire system on it's own. Just imagine the sheer mess it would make for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo if EA decided to stop producing games for their systems.

If you are curious, here is a quick list of games (or series) that would soon be exclusive to the EA PSWiiBox (name copyrighted).
  1. Madden Football
  2. Grand Theft Auto
  3. FIFA Soccer
  4. All other sports titles
  5. Bioshock
  6. Sims (all versions)
  7. Spore
  8. Rock Band
  9. Burnout
  10. Battlefield
  11. Medal of Honor
  12. Skate!
  13. SSX
  14. Black
  15. Need for Speed
  16. Command & Conquer
  17. BOOM BLOX (I had to throw that one in there)


ECC said...

I wouldent support it.

JJ Hendricks said...

I can see EA taking some money hats from one of the consoles and joining them, but I don't think EA will make there own console. There is too much money up front and too much risk. Last generation Xbox lost money the whole time and wasn't planning on making money until the 360 (at least that is what the CFO said in the article). I don't think EA is willing to take a gamble like that.

If they align with one of the consoles though they can negotiate for better licensing rates, have two large developers (EA and the Nintendo, Sony, or Micrsoft), and not have the financial risk.

Good article though.

TanookiTravis said...

But why would they align with another console, essentially making every one of their games exclusive, when they could just stay third-party and sell more games? I don't know if either of the three console companies now would be willing to take a large enough pay-cut to partner with EA because you know EA would want a hefty margin of total profits.

I see your argument about an alignment but with Peter Moore heading EA now they certainly have the experience they need to start their own system. He was with Microsoft from the first Xbox days and before that with SEGA during the Dreamcast. Maybe acquiring him was a business move in that direction.

Valdarez said...

Take off the Take Two titles. That's very poor journalism to put those in the list.

TanookiTravis said...

If you had read the article it is entirely based on the assumption that EA completes the Take Two buyout.

So if the buyout falls through, this article is no longer valid.

Anonymous said...

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