2008 Predictions: Right or Wrong

At the beginning of 2008 I laid down some predictions for the year. Below you will see how accurate my predictions were. Without spoiling too much, I think I did fairly well.

And stay tuned for this year's predictions in the coming week.

1) Wii Play w/ Remote will be best selling Wii game (not counting Wii Sports of course) Right!!!

According to this link it is apparent, and to some very sad, that Nintendo's brilliant marketing creation that is Wii Play has managed to be the best selling Wii game of 2008. But what is that you hear; the game actually outsold GTA IV that launched on not just the Xbox 360 and PS3 but also the PC? That is correct.

Some would say it is brilliant. Some would say it's a disaster.
2) Gears of War 2 will be release in the Fall of '08 Right!!!
As I stated in my prediction, this wasn't too big of a gamble on my part especially since there was no new Halo game this year and the first Gears was a huge seller the previous holiday season it came out. But just remember, back in January the release date for Gears 2 was not common knowledge.
3) Still no headset for the Wii, at least not by Nintendo Right and Wrong!!!
When it comes to voice-chat us Nintendo gamers have been a little left in the dust. My prediction was that Nintendo would complete the 2008 year without releasing a voice-chat enabled headset. Well they released Wii Speak, a voice-chat enabled device for the entire room, but not a headset. So if my prediction was "no voice-chat" I would be fully wrong but since I worded it differently, I'm gonna give myself a little credit.
4) Price Drop for Xbox 360 and PS3 but not Wii before '09 Right!!!
This is a prediction that makes you wonder if it was even a question that this would happen. Well, back in January it was still unsure if the Wii was going to be able to last and the PS3 and 36o were still doing fairly well in the hardware race. Well my guess was that both Sony and Microsoft would drop the price of their systems but Nintendo would hold strong. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 dropped its price a few times throughout the year and changed SKU options. The Nintendo Wii remains in the exact same packaging and price we got back in 2006 (aside from a few Wiimote condoms and package designs of course).
5) Saints Row 2 will have a higher GameRankings score than GTA IV Terribly Wrong!!!
I went out on a limb on this one far before we knew much of anything about GTA IV or Saints Row 2. All I can say about this one is "why?"Why would I ever think that a series like GTA that has always garnered great reviews ever be beaten by a newcomer that only has one game in the series and it wasn't rated very high? Looking back on it now, I have no answer.

Well according to GameRankings these are the average scores and rank for each game:

Grand Theft Auto IV
Review Score: 96.6%
Overall Rank: 1

Saints Row 2
Review Score: 83.3%
Overall Rank: 67


JJ Hendricks said...

I think that is a good record. 4 right out of 5. Wii Speak isn't a headset so I think you got that one completely right.

mndrix said...

That's an impressive track record. Can you keep it for for '09?

TanookiTravis said...

We'll find out next week when I post my 2009 Predictions. I just hope my more outlandish prediction (Saints Row vs. GTA this year) will be a little closer to something that might actually happen. What a bomb that was this year.