Club Nintendo DS Case Received

So I successfully managed to hit Platinum Status on my Club Nintendo account and decided to take advantage of the prize options. What did I go with as my choice? Well, see below.

Here is the DS Case in it's clear plastic protective cover.

This shows the neat little tag with the Club Nintendo logo. The back of the tag says, "Since 2003." Yeah, not in America.

This shows the DS with my DS sticking out the side.

This shows the inside. Perhaps the best part, it has a slot for you to carry two extra games in the pouch. So you aren't stuck with just the one in the system.

All around, considering this is really just a gift on Nintendo's part, I would have to say I am quite pleased. If you guys have yet to sign up for Club Nintendo I highly recommend you do. It has some neat perks.


JJ Hendricks said...

That is pretty cool looking. I'm saving up for the Game and Watch game. It might take a while but I think that is the coolest item on the list of swag.