2011 Gaming Predictions

I did it for 2008, 2009, and 2010 so why not do it again. Below you will see five predictions I have made for the gaming world in 2011.

1) Wii 2 will not be shown until 2012

E3 will come and leave us this year with only a mention of a new Wii system. Iwata, or Reggie, will likely make mention of it at E3 but nothing will be shown or talked about. This is the year of the 3DS.

2) Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword won't release until holiday 2011

Even though it was initially thought, and hinted at, to be a 2010 title, it was pushed back. Then it was assumed to be a March release. But with the 3DS set to release in March, there's no way they would double up with a major 3D Zelda title too. There's not much to look forward to for the Wii currently, so this will be pushed to November.

3) LA Noire will make it into the top 10 all-time list on GameRankings

Rockstar knows how to take it's time with a game. They also know how to make some really well designed and massive adventures. LA Noire will be no different. It will be incredible...that is if it makes it out in 2011.

4) PSP 2 and new iPod devices will both have 3D (glasses free) screens, but with no depth slider

3D is all the rage right now, and the 3DS has begun a major shift: no need to wear glasses. Well this year both Sony and Apple will release devices with screens similar to the Nintendo 3DS, the only difference will be there won't be a 3D slider to alter the strength of the effect.

5) Vitality Sensor will be a 3DS add-on, not Wii

This 5th prediction is always reserved for my most outlandish and less likely to happen. Well, this is it. Nintendo will have something quite a bit different for the new Wii to announce. And besides, the only example they've really given for this device, aside from more enemies the more scared you get, is helping you calm down before bed. And I think we all know that falling asleep watching TV does no good because you always wake back up again on the walk to bed. Why not do your relaxation games right in your bed with the 3DS.