Shouldn't It Have Been The Wii, Then The DS?

Ok, so this has been rattling around my head for the last few days and I need to get it out there. It’s nothing totally ground breaking, it just seems a little backwards in my book. Typically when a company, let’s take Sony for instance, creates a new product it tends to work on the home console front first and then moves along to making a portable version of that system a few years later. Sony did so with the PSP, a portable version of the PS2, while Nintendo made the Gameboy, essentially a portable version of the NES. Now I may be working in very general terms here with claims that the Gameboy and PSP are just portable versions of their console counterparts, but the similarities are certainly there. I mean, come on, PSP actually stands for Playstation Portable.

I just wanted to make mention of the fact that Nintendo seems to be working backwards in regards to the DS and Wii. Nintendo broke new ground with the DS in hopes it could create something new in the portable market. When the DS became such a success they decided to create the Wii, a home console with many similarities to the DS. Obviously, the Wii is a far more capable machine than the DS, but if things had been reversed and the Wii came first, the DS would be the perfect accompaniment to Nintendo’s new system. As a gamer I can only sit back and wait until the Wii hits the same stride that the DS hit a year after its release.


JJGames.com said...

I hope the Wii gets to the same point the DS is, and I think it will eventually happen. As long as Nintendo can make Wii Health Pak fun to play and good for you.

TanookiTravis said...

If Wii Health Pak becomes anywhere near as successful as Brain Age than the Wii is gonna be huge. Discounted games are great, old people love em.