Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Selling Like Mad

Forget hotcakes, I think the saying needs to be switched to "those things are selling like Pokemon."

If anyone out there is at all concerned about the business side of gaming and Nintendo in particular there is some good news. The company just released news that the most recent Pokemon titles, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, have sold over 10 million games worldwide. Apparently 5.2 million of that are Japanese and the rest are from the Americas. Some of the better news though is the fact that the game just released in Europe three days ago so the sales are only going to get higher.

For those of you wondering, that's $350 million dollars worth of total sales for one game (two if you want to be technical). Wow.


mndrix said...

I wonder when the Pokémon cow will finally go dry.

TanookiTravis said...

Not sure, but it appears to be nearing its peak right now. I think the total dominance of the DS is a serious advantage to keeping the series going but it can't live on forever can it?

Then again, this is coming from the same company that has been using Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and Donkey Kong since their games first started. So they obviously know how to keep franchises going.